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Is the future electric? Prospects for electromobility in Europe
17 October 2018

This Policy Dialogue discussed the role of the EU, its member states and other stakeholders in transforming the transport sector.

Making the bioeconomy a key driver in smart climate change mitigation
10 October 2018

This Policy Dialogue assessed how the bioeconomy can become a key driver in mitigating climate change and how the EU policy framework can ensure that the bioeconomy can help deliver on climate objectives.

25 years on: How to rejuvenate the Single Market?
27 September 2018

This Policy Dialogue, organised with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs of Denmark, sought to address the main challenges and priorities in completing the Single Market.

Let’s shape the Europe we want! Engaging citizens ahead of the 2019 European elections
24 September 2018

At this FLE debate, panellists discussed the state of European democracy and citizen participation in Europe, while FLE participants of the 2018 generation presented their own citizen-outreach projects they worked on during the year.

How to expand complementary pathways to Europe for refugees?
20 September 2018

This Policy Dialogue reflected on existing programmes that allow refugees to safely and legally reach protection in Europe, the need to expand such programmes and develop complementary pathways, as well as the potential to do so.