Publications 2019

The case against a long extension of Article 50
21 March 2019
Larissa Brunner (Policy Analyst)

It is still possible the UK will ask for a lengthy delay, but the EU should prepare to say no

Three years after the Brussels attacks: No quick fix to counter terrorism and radicalisation
20 March 2019
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst) and Tommaso Virgili (Programme Director, European Foundation for Democracy)

Doing more to prevent radicalisation and terrorism

New proposal for amending the Political Declaration on Britain's future in Europe
19 March 2019
Andrew Duff (President of the Spinelli Group; Former Member of the European Parliament 1999-2014)

Andrew Duff proposes a draft of an amended Political Declaration

Responding to cyberattacks: Prospects for the EU Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox
18 March 2019
Paul Ivan (Senior Policy Analyst)

What are the diplomatic tools the EU could use to respond to cyberattacks?

Turkey’s municipal elections: A new chance for democracy?
12 March 2019
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst) and Demir Murat Seyrek (Senior Policy Advisor, European Foundation for Democracy)

A last chance for the Turkish opposition to prove they still have some teeth

EPIM Policy Update February 2019
26 February 2019
Katharina Bamberg (Policy Analyst), Marie De Somer (Head of European Migration and Diversity programme and Senior Policy Analyst) and Ilene van Brouwershaven (Programme Assistant)

The disembarkation and relocation of migrants saved in the Mediterranean remains a topic of strong debate between European member states.

Extending Article 50: One step too far for the EU?
26 February 2019
Larissa Brunner (Policy Analyst) and Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

Worth the trouble?

Shaping power: A strategic imperative for Europe
22 February 2019
Giovanni Grevi (Head of Europe in the World programme and Senior Fellow)

Rules first 

Integrating refugees into the labour market: How can the EU better support employers?
21 February 2019
Claire Dhéret (Head of Social Europe & Well-being programme and Senior Policy Analyst) and Olivia Sundberg Diez (Former Programme Assistant at the EPC)

The EU’s added value in overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of refugees’ integration into the labour market

Integrating is caring: A paradigm shift in health
19 February 2019
Claire Dhéret (Head of Social Europe & Well-being programme and Senior Policy Analyst) and Simona Guagliardo (Policy Analyst)

The untapped potential of integrated care

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