EPC BrochureAs a leading Brussels' think tank, the European Policy Centre is at the cutting edge of EU affairs, analysing and promoting discussion and reflection on the issues dominating the Union's agenda.

The EPC not only gives its members, decision-makers in Brussels and beyond, and the public at large the tools to understand the complex world of EU politics, but also the opportunity to actively help shape developments on the European stage.

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The EPC's work is organised under five flagship programmes addressing the key challenges facing the EU:

  • European Politics and Institutions
  • European Migration and Diversity
  • Europe in the World
  • Sustainable Prosperity for Europe
  • Social Europe & Well-being.

The EPC's multi-constituency approach, involving its broad-based members in all its debates and in shaping its policy recommendations, ensures a broad foundation for the programmes and a solid link to the 'real world' of EU politics.

Stimulating public debate

Stakeholder consultation has become a "buzzword" in EU policy-making, reflecting recognition of the need to consult widely before introducing new EU legislation.

In order to be effective, this requires open debate in a non-confrontational setting. It also means giving stakeholders opportunities to hear directly from top policy-makers and question them on their activities.

This is precisely what the EPC provides through its policy dialogues, briefings, seminars and conferences. The EPC has around 400 members, coming from all the different stakeholder groups, and these events bring them together with key policy-makers and experts to discuss issues of crucial importance to the EU.

Rapid expert analysis

The EPC provides rapid, accurate and easily accessible analysis and reflection, on this website and in print, through in-depth Working Papers and Issue Papers, Discussion Papers, shorter Policy Briefs and Commentaries and our multi-author journal Challenge Europe.

Summary of reports on all the EPC's public events also appear on this website, with fuller versions sent to members.

How the EPC's work programme is defined

The EPC works on the basis of a three-year strategic plan drawn up by the Management Team and approved by the Governing Board.

At the end of each year, the Governing Board adopts an annual work programme for the coming year, based on a proposal from the Management Team following discussions in the Strategic Council.

Click here for the programmes section of the website, which gives details of all the activities under each of the EPC's programmes.