Reports 2019

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Guns and glory: Criminality, imprisonment and jihadist extremism in Europe
24 September 2019

The launch of our latest joint publication on the persistent relationship between crime and jihadi terrorism in Europe was matched by a Policy Dialogue, complete with keynote speeches and talks by a roster of EU and state actors, experts and frontline practitioners.

Innovation and technological disruption - What does the future hold for the transport and logistics workforce?
12 September 2019

New technologies in the transport and logistics sector, the jobs of tomorrow and a new set of skills

Finding new ways to deliver social protection: A step forward or backward? - Workshop meeting
27 June 2019

Are we building a future fit social protection system or are we undoing the considerable progress made over the last decades?

Ensuring equal access to digital skills for young people – Learning from the grassroots level
20 June 2019

Learning by doing, the experience of the grassroots level in providing access to digital skills.

Urban terrorism and jihadist radicalisation - Transatlantic responses
18 June 2019

Vaccine hesitancy - Understanding it to regain trust
13 June 2019

Vaccines have become a victim of their own success

The media and publishing industry in times of technological revolution. What are the prospects for its workforce?
12 June 2019

New technologies in the media and publishing sector, the jobs of tomorrow and a new set of skills

The role of propaganda in radicalisation
11 June 2019

How to combat extremist propaganda?

Investing in people’s health through better primary care
21 May 2019

The state of primary care in Europe

Disruptive Technologies Series - Beyond the hype: Blockchain
8 May 2019

Blockchain technology – the good, the bad and the (not so) ugly

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