Reports 2018

Transatlantic Challenges: Enhancing transatlantic cybersecurity cooperation

23 October 2018

 Cyber-attacks are on the rise with increasingly destructive, disruptive and costly consequences – sometimes on a global level - contributing to a sense of growing cyber-insecurity. The number and sophistication of cyber threats to critical services and infrastructure are outpacing our current defensive measures. The transnational nature of these threats makes it difficult for effective policy solutions to be implemented unilaterally by individual states and requires cooperation between institutions and stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic and at global level. Since 2014, the EU and the US have been organising regular cyber dialogues to discuss foreign policy-related cyber issues.

How can we better manage cyber risks? How can the US and the EU increase societal resilience to the cybersecurity risks related to critical infrastructure? What is the state of play and what are the challenges for EU-US cooperation in a changing cyber-security landscape? What can we expect from the next meetings of the EU-US Cyber Dialogue and how can the US and the EU better respond to state-sponsored cybersecurity threats? These and other questions were discussed at this Dialogue, organised in cooperation with the US Mission to the European Union.

Speakers included: Jamie Shea, Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre, Melissa Hathaway, Senior Advisor, Leading expert in cyberspace policy and cybersecurity, Executive in Residence, Columbia University Center for Technology Management, Rory Domm, Acting Head of Division Security Policy and Space policy, European External Action Service.