Connecting Europe

The project “Connecting Europe”, a joint initiative by the European Policy Centre and Stiftung Mercator, aims to overcome the widening gap between the European Union and its citizens, allowing civil society, activists, engaged citizens, think tanks and academia to actively engage in EU decision-making processes in Brussels. We want to enable the multiple networks supported by Stiftung Mercator to navigate smoothly and independently through the European institutions and within the multi-stakeholder environment in Brussels, so that they can promote their ideas, expertise, and experience.

The project entails joint, forward-looking activities on the future of Europe that will foster dialogue and exchange among policymakers and next-generation voices, on youth, climate, migration and other key issues. In doing so, the project wants to break down the silos of the debate on the local, regional, national and European level and build bridges between different actors. We want to connect the remarkable potential of hands-on endeavors in local contexts, in civil society, research and among the youth, with people and processes in Brussels. At the same time, Brussels’ decision-makers are invited to experience and harness the constructive contributions that engaged Europeans are undertaking towards cohesion and connection in Europe every day.

At the EPC, the “Connecting Europe” project is led and coordinated by Sophie Pornschlegel.



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