With the upcoming European elections in May and the subsequent re-shuffle of the European Union’s (EU) leadership, the year 2019 will bring about tremendous change to the EU’s institutional shape. The new EU leadership will have to identify priorities for its new Strategic Agenda, which will shape the future direction of the EU and its policies in the upcoming five-year cycle and beyond.

Against this background, the EPC has initiated the Younger Europeans’ Strategy Lab (YES Lab) in February 2019. The project brings together 13 young Europeans from all over Europe to discuss their personal needs and concerns and share their vision on the future of Europe. Together, they will identify the most pressing challenges the new EU leadership should tackle in the next five years. In doing so, we want to give young European citizens the opportunity to raise their voice, allow them to share their priorities for the Strategic Agenda of the new EU leadership, and to have a say in the debate on the future of the EU.

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