Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

The EPC’s Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme monitors and analyses developments within Europe’s economy, and discusses how to achieve growth that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. It looks into the building blocks of European competitiveness, prosperity and welfare, addresses specific short-term crises, but also adopts a forward-looking thinking approach about tackling long-term challenges to creating a more sustainable European economy. The Programme focuses on areas where working together across borders and sectors can bring significant benefits for the EU member states, businesses and citizens.

The Programme focuses in particular on:

  1. Economic governance. The aim is to bring clarity to the working of the EU economy and the role of EU institutions in supporting economic developments; consider the causes and needed measures to overcome the economic, financial and sovereign debt crises, and ways to improve the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), while addressing the political realities; and assess the role that the EU budget can and should play to cope with the EU’s multiple crises.
  2. Cleaner and smarter Europe. The aim is to address the growing challenges and potential crises of tomorrow: unsustainable consumption of resources and short-sighted production patterns, environmental challenges, climate change, and sustainability, competitiveness and security of energy systems, and to evaluate how to ensure a smart transition to a more sustainable European economy.
  3. Enablers for progress. The aim is to consider policies and instruments that can help to bring about sustainable prosperity and growth for Europe, and enhance the competitiveness of its economy. This includes evaluating how, for example, the single market, the digitalisation of the European economy, and innovation, taxation, trade and development policies can support the transition to a more sustainable economy.

In this programme


Programme Team

Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme and Senior Policy Analyst

Annika Hedberg

Policy Analysts

Johan Bjerkem
Sofia López Piqueres
Stefan Sipka

Programme Assistants

Claudiu Vladut Asandei
Sara Viitanen