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EU-Asia Dialogue

Europe and Asia share a long history of multilateral and bilateral relations. The various political, economic and cultural ties have always been very tight and thus, both regions have many things in common.

Despite these long-standing relations, new challenges are currently emerging. These recent developments make it necessary to create a common future for Europe and Asia. In order to establish a platform for exchange, enhance the understanding of European and Asian policymakers of common current as well as possible future challenges and recommend required policy frameworks, this project was initiated by the European Commission, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, East Asian Institute, European Policy Centre and its associate European Union Centre Singapore.

The overall objective is to contribute to the formulation of relevant sustainable development policies for framing a comprehensive and constructive partnership between Asia and the EU. The stakeholders shall become aware of the regional and cross-regional developments in order to identify both short- and long-term problems, to prevent their emergence and solve them at an early stage.

Additionally, the cooperation between different communities to share experiences and work together to address these challenges shall be strengthened. This mutual exchange of knowledge will help the relevant actors to tackle these issues.

More information on the EU-Asia Dialogue can be found here.


The EU-Asia Dialogue is coordinated by Rosa Balfour, Head of Europe in the World programme.

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