Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

EU Public Private Partnerships

The European Policy Centre worked on a joint project with the European Investment Bank to look at the opportunities and potential drawbacks of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). 

It comes at a time when Europe faces change, in the short and longer term, which challenges the sustainability of its economic, social and environmental model. The financing of public services is under severe pressure, raising a question mark over the ability to continue to provide public services, such as healthcare and education. This also challenges Europe’s ability to invest in vital infrastructure, including transport, energy networks, telecommunications and environmental infrastructure. Against this background, PPPs are one possible way to facilitate the investment needed. PPPs can represent an effective delivery mechanism for the European Union, and may have contributed in triggering public sector reforms.

In order to analyse the PPP concept and its possible added value, this project involved a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from institutional actors to the private sector. Analysis and research was complemented by interviews with key actors and by two workshops.

On the basis of the results obtained, the EPC elaborated policy recommendations as regards the way forward for EU Public Private Partnerships.


This Forum is chaired by Hans Martens, Senior Adviser, and coordinated by Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive.

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