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The "Democracy and Citizenship in North Africa after the Arab Awakening: challenges for the EU and US foreign policies" (EUSpring) project aims to understand the ways in which the concepts of democracy and citizenship are understood by different social and political forces in North Africa, following the Arab Awakening. Simultaneously, the project focuses on the extent to which a dialogue between the US, Europe and the key North African countries can take place about the contents and shape of democracy and citizenship, and the degree to which it may usher in new forms and understandings about political models and the ways in which Western democracy assistance policies should be reshaped.

The EPC is undertaking this project in association with the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, the Madrid-based think tank FRIDE, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights, the Centre for Mediterranean and International Studies in Tunisia and the Centre de Recherche sur l'Afrique et la Méditerranée in Morocco.

The project began in February 2013 and will last 30 months. The project is coordinated by Ruth Hanau Santini, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Università degli Studi L’Orientale in Naples. At the EPC, the project is coordinated by Rosa Balfour, EPC Senior Adviser.

This project is supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo.

More information can be found on the EUSpring website.

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EUSpring Project