Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Digital Single Market

Europe’s economic future, and the recovery from the crises, requires further development of Europe’s Digital Economy. There is still significant growth potential, as well as capacity for companies to invest if the market conditions are right. There is not only scope to enhance Europe’s economic performance and customer satisfaction; digital technologies/ICT are especially important as they are truly transforming and enabling technologies, which can improve efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, competitiveness and customerization across the economy as a whole. But there are still a number of barriers to the development of the Digital Economy, including, for example, an incomplete Digital Single Market (DSM).

The aim of the project is to address through a series of events,  what more needs to be done to develop the digital economy, complete the Digital Single Market  and future-proof European digital policy.

For more information, contact Romain Pardo, Policy Analyst.

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