Social Europe and Well-Being

Social investment

Two years after the endorsement of the Social Investment Package, the European Union and the Member States have failed to translate the appealing narrative of social investment into a comprehensive strategy underpinned by concrete actions. At the same time, the challenges that Europe is currently facing – economic downturn, public debt, migration crisis, high unemployment and rising poverty – are an everyday reminder of the need for long-term solutions and investment.

Against this background, the EPC project aims to build on existing evidence on social investment and to further explore some answers to the key policy questions which are at the heart of the implementation of the social investment agenda for reforming and innovating in the social sectors. The objective is therefore to further advance with the social investment implementation by identifying what can be done at the EU level and in the member states in order to give a new momentum to the social investment agenda.

The EPC social investment project is structured around a series of expert workshops and a number of public events.

This project is led by Claire Dhéret, Senior Policy Analyst, and chaired by Lieve Fransen, EPC Senior Adviser.

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