European Migration and Diversity

Refugee integration into the labour market: The role of employers

The long-term integration of refugees who entered Europe over the last years will largely depend on their capacity to find a job. This capacity, in turn, is to a large extent determined by job opportunities as shaped by employers.

The EPC is currently developing a project that focuses on the role of employers in assisting with refugees’ integration into European labour markets. Its main goal is to find possible ways to improve and expand EU efforts to increase refugee employment by helping EU institutions to better understand and address the obstacles that prevent employers from hiring and/or training refugees. To do so and in order to formulate forward-looking policy recommendations, the project collects information about the challenges that employers in the private and public sectors face when attempting to employ refugees. The information collected through this questionnaire, and on the basis of further discussions with experts, will feed into a publication that will be presented at the beginning of 2018.

Are you are public or private employer or an employment agency that has experience with employing refugees or trying to employ refugees? We invite you to participate in this research and fill out the questionnaire available here.

This project is part of the EPC Programmes ‘Social Europe & Well-being’ and ‘European Migration & Diversity’.

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