Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Digital Media Task Force

The digital transformation of Europe’s economy and society is high on the EU’s policy agenda. One sector that is already transformed by the digitalisation is the media industry. Despite the potential benefits for media in the Digital Single Market (DSM), the challenges that arise, for example, from the development of new business models and the sharing of media content across borders need to be tackled.

Against this background, the EPC established a Task Force to analyse the role of media, as well as the challenges and opportunities for the media sector in an increasingly digital world. The objective of this Task Force was to provide a platform for a constructive dialogue between experts and policy-makers, and on the basis of evidence-based analysis produce comprehensive policy recommendations for decision-makers.

The Task Force was structured around series of expert workshops and public events. The conclusions of the workshops will feed into EPC publications.

The Task Force activities were governed by a Steering Committee and managed by the EPC. The Task Force was chaired by Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive and completed its work in 2017.

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