Challenge Europe

Yes, we should! EU priorities for 2019-2024
18 April 2019

The 24th issue of Challenge Europe delivers an alternative to those who cynically claim that European cooperation no longer works and should be abandoned. It argues instead that integration can still work, and that it is still the best answer to the many problems we are now facing.

Yes, we should! EU priorities for 2019-2024

Yes, we should!
18 April 2019
Rebecca Castermans (Head of Communications), Janis A. Emmanouilidis (Director of Studies), Johannes Greubel (Junior Policy Analyst), Giovanni Grevi (Head of Europe in the World programme and Senior Fellow) and Corina Stratulat (Head of European Politics and Institutions programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

Chapter 1

Deepening the EMU as a win-win: How to keep the reform debate alive
17 April 2019
George Pagoulatos (Professor of European Politics and Economy, Athens University of Economics & Business)

Chapter 2

Prioritising circular economy to boost European competitiveness
17 April 2019
Julia Okatz (Associate, SYSTEMIQ) and Janez Potočnik (Partner, SYSTEMIQ; former European Commissioner for Environment, and for Research)

Chapter 3

Making climate neutrality the galvanising heart of a new economic agenda for Europe
17 April 2019
Martin Porter (Executive Chair, University of Cambridge ISL, Brussels)

Chapter 4

Framework for a new European economy
17 April 2019
Gunter Pauli (Founder of ZERI and author of The Blue Economy)

Chapter 5

Give EU citizens what they want: The case for Social Europe and fiscal justice
17 April 2019
Claire Dhéret (Head of Social Europe & Well-being programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

Chapter 6

Restoring credibility and trust by enforcing the rule of law
17 April 2019
Christian Calliess (Professor for Public and European Law at Free University of Berlin)

Chapter 7

Protecting democracy in the EU: Tackling the disinformation problem
17 April 2019
Stefan Heumann (Co-Director, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung)

Chapter 8

Safeguarding Schengen: The next European leadership should return to fact-based policies
17 April 2019
Marie De Somer (Head of European Migration and Diversity programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

Chapter 9

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